About MDL

Who we areMDL Partners was launched in January 1987 and has evolved into an industry leading career management services firm with over 6,000 senior executive clients worldwide and outplacement services to over 500 organizations. During those 30+ years, MDL Partners has grown to include offices to serve Greater Boston, Hartford, Greater New York City, and the Washington, DC area.

We work primarily with senior level executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are looking for a better career environment, a new job, a career change, or a career advancement. Our clients turned to us because they wanted a position where they can achieve more career fulfillment, a more substantial financial upside, and an overall better quality of life.

MDL Partners is unique because we differ from other career management services firms in one very major way, and that is, when you become an MDL Partners client, you gain access to our extensive network of 6,000+ senior executives located worldwide who are interested in actively networking with you. This warm approach results in success for our clients above and beyond the offerings of search firms and job boards. This is the true MDL Partners advantage over all other career management companies.

What we doThe backbone of MDL Partners' proven methodology lies in our client-focused, customized career management strategies and our one-on-one consultative approach that has proven to be successful for over 30 years. Our commitment to supporting our clients throughout their career makes "what we do" unlike any other, because when you join us, you are a client for life.

This means that MDL Partners provides services not only during your initial search, but throughout your professional career. These services include, but are not limited to, evaluating new career situations and opportunities, assessing career progress, consultation on entrepreneurial ventures, and ongoing support-on-demand.

In addition to our one-on-one consultative approach, we encourage our clients to practice implementing their custom strategies in a safe environment by interacting with others in our network and taking advantage of our regularly scheduled workshops and networking meetings. We support our clients in shifting their professional paradigms to include network development, growth, cultivation, and maintenance throughout their career. This also includes introducing them to our own network of over 6,000 senior executives through personalized introductions.

Our Team

Thomas P. McNeil20190124172708

Thomas P. McNeil

President & CEO, Founder
John C. Decker20190123121443

John C. Decker

Executive Vice President
Doug Lemmonds20190122120744

Doug Lemmonds

Executive Vice President
Melody Martin20190121171703

Melody Martin

Vice President, Administration
Kim Henry20190120213652

Kim Henry

Vice President, Operations Mid-Atlantic
Tammy Robbins20190119174958

Tammy Robbins

Executive Services Coordinator
Richard M. Story, III20190119152304

Richard M. Story, III

Executive Vice President
Eric Loomis20190119120205

Eric Loomis

Vice President
Brion A. Bickerton20190116121556

Brion A. Bickerton

Senior Consultant
Ed Manning20190115115308

Ed Manning

Executive Vice President
Robert Gough Jr.20190114121205

Robert Gough Jr.

Senior Vice President
Paul J. Stanton20190113203356

Paul J. Stanton

Senior Consultant
Tom DeCrosta20190113011336

Tom DeCrosta

Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic
John Hackett20190112120957

John Hackett

Executive Vice President, Mid-Atlantic
Alfred J. Smith, Jr.20190111172432

Alfred J. Smith, Jr.

Senior Vice President
Lynne Miller20190110172633

Lynne Miller

Executive Assistant
Maria Sanatar20190109205830

Maria Sanatar

Account Manager
Pam Chesbro20190107221428

Pam Chesbro

Executive Scheduler
Patti Walbridge20190106204509

Patti Walbridge

Executive Scheduler
Karen Bell20190105220003

Karen Bell

Executive Scheduler